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The Matt Coffy Band has been playing the regional NYC/NJ scene for the last 20 years.  With a trail of steady gigs behind them, the band continues to build, winning over new music fans.  The band has blazed new sonic journeys into the southern rock and Americana roots revival scene. The band features that classic “southern rock jam” singer and guitarist duo that combine a charismatic frontman and electrifying guitarist playing over the top. With crowd-friendly “sing along” melodies and captivating engagement, they command the stage when they perform live.

With the band’s recent album "Dream Believer" in 2021 one can catch a glimpse of the great songwriting along with a familiar southern-fried boogie sound which has captured national radio attention and press accolades.  Most Notably, the new album is supported with impressive star power, including grammy nominated Scott Sharrard on slide guitar (Gregg Allman Band) Eric Finland on Keys ( Jaimoe’s Jazzy Band) and background vocals from Joe Blanton (Bluefields, Dan Baird of Georgia Satellites Fame) to pack a powerful southern soul punch.  The band is into the "rock 'em until they drop" attitude while holding on to ride the Americana vibe, then peel off onto a ass stompin riff and tie it all together without a hint of pretense.  The Matt Coffy Band puts on a high wired, amped up rocking show, filled with seasoned pros, this band is hot!


"The fact that I've been running this band for 20 years now is pretty remarkable. It's been an amazing ride. We recently shared the stage with national touring acts like Blackberry Smoke, 38 Special, George Thorogood, The Outlaws, Blackfoot, and more. It is impossible for me to express enough gratitude to all those involved in making our final product sound great. I owe a lot to Joe Blanton of The Bluefields, who filled in the edges to get my vocals as close to that of The Georgia Satellites as we could without totally ripping off Dan Baird! We had the pleasure of warming up for Dan, my musical superhero, a few times before he retired. I would like to thank my friend, guitar royalty Scott Sharrard, from the legendary Gregg Allman Band and Little Feat. I was thrilled to borrow some of his superb slide guitar playing for some tunes. Additionally, Scott helped with the overall production and lyrics, as well as getting the feel right on many parts of the songs. Kudos to Eric Finland (Friends Of The Brothers & Jaimoe's Jasssz Band) on the organ and piano. A special thanks to Grammy award-winning producer and magician, David Kowalski, who crafted the overall vibe of this album. Thank you to Lisa Peirnot for the photos and general cheerleading. I am grateful for the support of all my friends, family, and fans."  - MATT COFFY


….Matt Coffy is a great front man while Andy Fuchs was spot-on bringing on some raucous riffing. ….with their telecasters guitar slung low and the amps turned up to 11, Their originals cooked... especially the rocking, “Freedom Song”, southern rock fans should check these guys out!

Power Play Magazine
Concert Review - Rock RIbs and Ridges
Opening for BlackBerry Smoke / Pat Travers

“The Matt Coffy Band embodies everything that an American bar band is supposed to be. Drunk on its own alcohol-fueled, blues-soaked rock, the Band delivers authentic blue-collar grit with no studio slickness or limp ballads to water down the dirt.”
- Whispering and Hollering Review

"Unlike many of the roots and Americana acts out there, the Matt Coffy Band knows that the real deal should rock like hell. ......scorches the walls with mean, bluesy riffs and raspy vocals; however, true to the group's classic-rock leanings, the tracks are melodic, wonderfully catchy. ... raw electric blues; you can imagine the smoke coming out of the amps. The Matt Coffy Band...a potent live creature"
- Ink 19 Magazine

"The Matt Coffy Band has energy to burn, and this record is relentless in its quick pacing. ... the Band just keep moving, and we're partying along with them. The ’80s are often remembered here.... memories of many MTV-addicted forty-somethings is the blues rock that managed to creep onto the charts from largely forgotten bar bands like the Georgia Satellites and the Fabulous Thunderbirds. The Matt Coffy Band, with its rootsy, good-time party rock, could be viewed as spiritual kin ....."
- AboveGround UnderGround Music

With their recent rise into prominence, with shows played at the massive Balloon Festival of New Jersey (175,000 people over the weekend) and Rock, Ribs, and Ridges (10,000+ attendance) southern rock festival, this band is showing its legacy of skilled musicianship, charisma and staying power in todays changing music scene.

Band Member Bios

Matt Coffy
Guitar & Vocals

Energetic and creative front man for the band, Matt Coffy, has been slinging guitar for over 40 years. His past history in the regional music community includes opening up for well known acts including George Thorogood, Blackberry Smoke, Don Felder, .38 Special, The Outlaws, Dan Baird, Artimus Pyle, BlackFoot, Bob Weir, Foghat, The Guess Who, Treat Her Right, James Cotten, Max Creek, Black Velvet and a host of other notable bands. His real passion is writing music. Over the years he has written close to 100 songs several of which have been recorded for the bands last CD “Dream Believer”. Being the fun and warm person he is, Matt, has had an easy time drawing people in while playing and singing on stage. His guitar influences are Part SRV and Part Rick Richards. He is a devoted Dan Baird maniac and sings with that “rock em until they drop” attitude. A experienced and true performer to lead the band in the amazing live shows.

Andy Fuchs
GUITAR & VOCALS ( Select Shows)

Andy's not only is a MASTER musician, but his Company FUCHS AMPS  manufactures boutique guitar amps & effects used by professional musicians worldwide!! Andy has had the honor of jamming with musicians as diverse as Les Paul to Frankie Yankovic. Since he was 17, Andy's worked as a professional musician playing in genres from Rock, Jazz & Blues, Polka music. Andy's guitar style show influences from "The Kings" (Albert, Freddie, BB, and Martin Luther), to SRV, Robben Ford, Gary Moore, and many others. Andy has had the honor of jamming with musicians as diverse as Les Paul to Frankie Yankovic.

Charlie Doell

Charlie Doell began performing with tuba and bass in the mid-1990s and studied classical tuba with Steve Johns (NYC Ballet, Metropolitan Opera) at Montclair State University. He has worked as an active, freelance bassist and private instructor in North Jersey for the past 20 years, gaining experiences in a multitude of musical styles that include blues, Christian contemporary, country, funk, hardcore, heavy metal, hip-hop, metal, Motown, pop, punk, r&b, reggae, rock, ska, swing and more. Bass recording credits include John J. Peterson, JP & Co. Music, Emory’s Fall, On Cloud 9, Lone Wolf’s Blue Venom Band, and tuba on Braxton Hicks’ “Lie To Me” (2007).

Quincy Cody Kirk
Drums -

Animal sounds and playing like the end of the universe needs his help. We're so proud to have one of the most talented drummers in all of New Jersey to represent Band, you just can't get enough of his spirit fun and willingness to participate in every possible form of debauchery, true rock and roll!
Ben Stein (Select Shows) 
Lead Guitar

Ben is known as one of the top upcoming prodigy guitar players In NJ.  This down to earth young man is more than passionate about playing guitar and is clearly a natural born rocker through and through. Warming up for the likes of Popa Chubby and Godfrey Townsend ( The Yardbirds/Jack Bruce), he has chops that will impress anyone who understands  the musical ability of a budding genius. 

Sean Ronan ( Select Shows)
Lead Guitar

Sean is a tremendously talented guitarist and sought after in the studio for his ability to work on a large scale of musical appetites.  Well versed in all flavors on Rock, country and blues.
Sean has also beem teaching guitar to local student for 10 years. A true professional and amazing skills.

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