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The Best of Southern Fried Boogie Rock

The band

The band has been playing around the NJ and NYC scene for the last 20 years. With a trail of steady gigs behind them, the band continues to build, winning over new music fans. Besides the 200 plus varied southern rock, blues, and classic rock cover songs the band has under their belt, they have also become known for their award winning, original songs of southern fried boogie rock that keeps butts shaken and moving all day or night.

Seasoned Pro's, this band is hot!

Fronted by "Rock 'til you drop" attitude, singer-songwriter, Matt Coffy who has shared the stage along acts including George Thorogood, The Outlaws, Foghat, The Guess Who, Bob Weir, Atriums Pyle, Max Creek, Black Velvet, James Montgomery, James Cotton among other notables during his musical career, the Matt Coffy Band has blazed new sonic journeys into the new southern rock revival scene. With two releases - Above The Waterline and Scale Worthy one can catch a glimpse of the great songwriting and amped up melodies that have captured numerous awards and press accolades.

More importantly is their recent rise into prominence, with shows played at the massive Balloon Festival of New Jersey and Rock, Ribs and Ridges southern rock festival, this band is showing its legacy of skilled musicianship, charisma and staying power in todays changing music scene.


Band Member Bios

Matt Coffy

Guitar & Vocals


Energetic and creative front man for the band, Matt Coffy, has been slinging guitar for over 20 years. His past history in the regional music community includes opening up for well known acts including Bob Weir, Foghat, The Guess Who, Treat Her Right, James Cotten, Max Creek, Black Velvet and a host of other notable bands. His real passion is writing music. Over the years he has written close to 100 songs several of which have been recorded for the bands debut CD "Above the Waterline". Being the fun and warm person he is, Matt, has had an easy time drawing people in while playing and singing on stage. His guitar influences are Part SRV and Part Rick Richards. He is a devoted Dan Baird maniac and sings with that "rock em until they drop" attitude. A experienced and true performer to lead the band in it's amazing live shows.

Glenn Naputski



Glenn has been playing bass for almost 30 years including touring and has played with many talented musicians over the years. As part of a several locally successful rock bands before joining The Matt Coffy Band.

Andy Fuchs

Guitar & Vocals


Andy grew up in his parent's music store, bathed in the magical sounds of Black face Fenders & Blue Diamond Ampeg amps. He eventually learned both music and electronics from age of 12. Andy learned to repair, modify & eventually build his own equipment. He won an Industrial Arts award when he built an electric guitar as a his final high school shop project ! Eventually, Andy ended up on NYC's 48th street repairing amps in various NYC area music stores. He eventually started building his own custom amps part time, and growing demand eventually led him to go full time and start his own manufacturing and service company. Andy's company now manufactures boutique guitar amps & effects used by musicians worldwide !! Since he was 17, Andy's worked as a professional musician playing in genres from Rock, Jazz & Blues, Polka music and even weddings. Andy's guitar style show influences from "The Kings" (Albert, Freddie, BB, and Martin Luther), to SRV, Robben Ford, Gary Moore, and many others. Andy has had the honor of jamming with musicians as diverse as Les Paul to Frankie Yankovic.

Chuck Tumulty

Drum & Vocals


With 20 plus years behind the kit, Chuck started drumming in 1981 at age 10. His college years were filled with successful romps in 90's cover bands. Since then he has played the NJ/NYC club scene in many rock bands, blues bands, funk bands & tribute bands. Chucks influences include John Bonham, Stewart Copeland, Stanton Moore (Galactic), Billy Martin (MMW), Alex Van Halen, Lars Ulrich, and, of course, Neil Peart. Chuck is an incredible talent and we are lucky to have him as a solid back beat to our lineup.

We cover just about every type of southern and classic rock music out there, we have over 200 songs available in our sets mostly centered in on the Classic Rock Era (70's and 80's and today's Modern Southern Rock Bands) mainly comprised of Southern Rock Hits, Boogie Blues, get up and dance music! We also play some some of our own foot stomping tunes that you'll enjoy as well!  This is Party Music with a Redneck Backbeat!

The Matt Coffy Band


1987-1989:  Flat Stanley band

1989-1992: Strong Waters

1992-1993: Broke and Hungry

1993-2000: MCP

2000-2003: Fudge Puppets

2004-2009: The Matt Coffy Productions Band (MCP band)

2010-Present: Matt Coffy Band